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Established in 1969, for more than Forty years Our Company with its experienced  staff is working hardly in the field of rendering services to the vessels.  In order to do so she established a Head Office in Lattakia with branches in said  city, in Banias, in Tartous the three Syrian ports and in Damascus the capital to  follow the vessels 'crews needs in addition to admiistrative relations between the  Company and Establishments.   SHIPCO in Syria being a state organization belonging to the Ministry of Transport  enjoys from privileges which reflect positively on the vessels and their cargoes.  Due to the recent changes in sector of the agency of the vessels calling Syrian ports (before that our Company was, since the beginning of 1981, the sole compulsory and state agent) now a days (exactly since the issue of the Legislative Decree No.55 on 8/9/2002 allowing to the privet sector to be active in the field of agency of the vessels)consecquently, you are Dear Customer at liberty to choose the agent of your vessel among the licensed agents. Home about us branches services duties fees information useful websites daily reports e-mail
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